Zero Carb Isolate 5lb + 1kg Creatine Combo

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Zero Carb Isolate 5lb + 1000g Creatine Combo


Trip Nutrition Pure Whey Protein Isolate 5lb (90 Serve)

Trip Nutrition brings you PURE – clean, premium, grass-fed whey protein isolate for those who like their protein unadulterated. This finely filtered, highly soluble protein contains no carbohydrate, fat, or sugar, just the pure protein you need to power your body through the demands of training and recovery.


Each serving of Trip Nutrition PURE contains a formidable 23g of protein, and with only three ingredients on the list, you can rest assured we haven’t filled it up with anything you don’t want or need! Manufactured and blended right here in New Zealand to make sure you’re getting your protein from high quality New Zealand dairy, which we know is the best in the world.


While PURE has been designed especially for those who take their training seriously and want to know EXACTLY what they’re putting in their body, it also works well as a daily choice for anyone wanting to top up their protein intake with the purest protein available while chasing other goals! To get the maximum benefit for muscle protein synthesis from this fast-acting protein source, we recommend consuming PURE within 30 minutes of your workout.


Choose Trip Nutrition PURE if you:

  • Want the best bang for your buck – 90 serves of clean, premium NZ whey protein isolate at an awesome price
  • Want the purest source of protein for maximum muscle building and recovery – no carbs, no sugar, no fat, and a higher protein content than whey protein concentrate
  • Want to know exactly where your protein comes from – manufactured and blended in New Zealand with the high-quality whey we’re famous for
  • Want to skip the BS – PURE contains only 3 ingredients!


Trip Nutrition – affordable protein that doesn’t skimp on quality!

Get the staples you need at an affordable price with Trip Nutrition’s essential supplement range. Mono-Crea is a key part of your sports supplement routine for muscle building and performance.


Creatine has a long track record as one of the most well researched and effective sports nutrition supplements, for both enhancing performance during high intensity exercise and enhancing muscle building capacity.


Supplementing with creatine increases the body’s stores of phosphocreatine, a precursor to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the type of energy that your body uses to power short sharp muscle contractions and other anaerobic exercises. Higher levels of ATP therefore allow you to train harder, for longer, and as a result greater muscle growth is stimulated leading to an increase in muscular size and strength.


Mono-Crea is made with high quality 200 mesh creatine monohydrate. This ultra-small particle size increases the absorption rate of the creatine and gives it a fluffier texture than standard creatine monohydrate.


Use Trip Nutrition Mono-Crea if you are looking for:

  • Improved muscular size, strength, and performance
  • A high-quality creatine monohydrate that has an improved texture and absorption rate compared to standard creatine
  • An unflavoured powder that dissolves easily into your other beverages
  • A simple 5g daily dose


Grab yours and experience the performance and muscle gains with Trip Nutrition Mono-Crea for yourself!