Xplosiv Premium Vegan Protein 1kg

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Xplosiv PLANT is our high-quality, plant-based protein powder made with premium European yellow peas that provides a vegan and allergy friendly alternative to whey protein.


At Xplosiv we’ve always aimed to bring you the best quality supplements to support both your health and fitness goals, and our PLANT protein is no exception. We’ve sourced superior quality European yellow pea protein and produced a formula that is naturally sweetened and contains no artificial colours or flavours, to provide pure, plant-based nutrition.


Each serving of PLANT packs a full 20g of protein and supplies all the essential amino acids that you need to support muscle growth and repair. Containing no dairy and being a naturally low-allergenic choice, pea protein makes an ideal alternative both for those following a vegan lifestyle as well as those who have dairy intolerances or who are looking for something that’s gentle on digestion. The minimal carbohydrate content in PLANT also makes it suitable for those with fitness and weight loss goals who are tracking their macros carefully. PLANT is available in three deliciously creamy, versatile flavours that can be prepared as a protein shake with water or your favourite milk substitute, or added to smoothies or baking for a nutritious boost. Use post-workout to support the recovery and repair process or consume as a satisfying snack throughout the day to top up your daily protein intake.



  • Made with premium quality European pea protein
  • High protein, low carbohydrate formula
  • Provides a complete amino acid profile
  • Contains no added sugar
  • Sweetened naturally with stevia and thaumatin
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours
  • Dairy free and vegan friendly