Trip Nutrition Fuel Whey Protein Powder 5lb Tub

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Introducing Trip Nutrition - affordable protein that doesn't skimp on quality!

Trip Nutrition's FUEL is comprised of premium grass-fed whey and contains ZERO artificial flavours or preservatives. FUEL your body with a formidable 21g of protein per serving to meet the demands of your training and chase your fitness goals. Rest assured that this delicious, nutritionally sound formulation delivers fantastic value for money with high-quality ingredients!

Convenience, Quality and Value!

Trip Nutrition's FUEL is the ultimate mix of quality, convenience and value - making it perfect for shakes to be used by everyday Kiwis looking to supplement their protein intake with tasty, high calibre whey. FUEL assists the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass while limiting carb intake, in order to maximally stimulate the process of muscle protein synthesis in your body. Regardless of your fitness goal, Trip Nutrition is confident in providing the FUEL to help you reach it!

As we lead increasingly busy lives, high quality FUEL is becoming a necessity. While most leading protein brand are composed of dozens of complex ingredients, Trip Nutrition has focused whole-heartedly on delivering the ingredients that matter most - with no BS. With just 4(!) ingredient, you can be confident in consuming only the purest and most potent essentials to supplement your nutritional intake.

Trip Nutrition recommends you take advantage of the fast-absorption of FUEL, and consume your shake within an hour of exercise. Otherwise, you can ensure that 'Muscle Protein Synthesis' is being maximally stimulated throughout the day by consuming your Trip Nutrition FUEL throughout.

Why should you try FUEL by Trip Nutrition?

Trip Nutrition's team have formulated the FUEL's whey blend to suit the requirements of everyday athletes and hardcore gym-junkies alike. The development of a pure, no-BS whey protein powder with a strong amino acid profile has been a high priority from the outset, with each scoop providing 21g of premium quality whey protein to assist with muscle growth and recovery.

Experience the serious blend of ingredient quality, value for money and taste with Trip Nutrition's FUEL whey protein - and charge towards your fitness goals without the use of any artificial flavours or preservatives