Sixstar Plant Protein Smoothie 1lb (December 2021 Dated)

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  • Plant-based protein shake with greens
  • 5g of fiber, plus omega-3s
  • Versatile, easy mixing, with real fruit flavoring



Protein is an inalienable part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It keeps you full and helps maintain lean muscle mass. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can still supplement by opting for a plant-sourced protein powder. Six Star® Plant-Based Protein Smoothie is a lactose-free, vegan protein shake that is based entirely on vegetarian sources. Your body doesn’t really care whether the protein it gets is coming from an animal or a plant. It still derives the essential amino acids needed for protein synthesis, which, in turn, contributes to your muscle growth. The multiple sources of protein in Six Star® Plant-Based Protein Smoothie complement each other’s amino acid profile – and also count toward your daily greens, meaning you get an extra bonus of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for good health. Lighter than regular protein, plant protein is a great midday snack. The protein and fiber keep you full – and away from unhealthy snacking.


Six Star® Plant-Based Protein Smoothie is the fuel you need with breakfast, after your workout or any time you’re looking for a lactose-free, vegan-based protein shake.