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Want a little something in your back pocket to help you get BIG? Pack Nutrition Bulk Support Gummies are formulated with appetite and bulk assisting ingredients in a convenient, great tasting gummy format.


We know how hard it can be to pack on the pounds. So, we’ve created this little genius of a gummy to support your natural appetite and make gaining that much easier. Containing active ingredients including lysine and hawthorn extract that encourage appetite activity and bulk, Pack Nutrition Bulk Support Gummies will be the weight gain ally that you need! Even better, they taste delicious, so you’ll look forward to your daily hit!



  • Help to increase appetite so you can consume the calories you need to gain mass
  • Remove the need to swallow capsules
  • Easy on-the-go gummies


Pack Nutrition revolutionizes sports nutrition with affordable, quality supplement staples. JOIN THE PACK.