Mutant Madness Combo

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Mutant Madness Combo - the ultimate arsenal for hardcore fitness enthusiasts looking to elevate their workouts to the next level. This comprehensive bundle contains everything you need to maximize your performance, energy, and results in the gym.


  • Mutant Madness Pre-Workout NEW: Unleash your inner beast with Mutant Madness Pre-Workout. Engineered with a potent blend of ingredients this formula delivers explosive energy, razor-sharp focus, and relentless endurance to power through even the most intense training sessions.

  • Mutant Born Hardcore Deluxe Shaker 1L: Shake up your supplements in style with the Mutant Born Hardcore Deluxe Shaker. With a massive 1-liter capacity, this shaker ensures that your pre-workouts are perfectly mixed and ready to fuel your gains.

  • Mutant Pump 154 Capsules: Amplify your muscle pumps and vascularity with Mutant Pump capsules. MUTANTs live for the pump — that extra special feeling when you squeeze out another bicep curl or a chest-swelling bench press. 

  • PVL Gold Series Creapure Creatine Unflavoured 240g: Elevate your strength and power gains with PVL Gold Series Creapure Creatine. Made with premium-quality Creapure creatine monohydrate, this unflavored powder mixes easily into any beverage, supporting muscle ATP regeneration, endurance, and lean muscle mass.

  • 2x Prime Hydration (Single): Stay hydrated and replenished with Prime Hydration. Each drink provides a precise blend of electrolytes and hydration-enhancing compounds to optimize fluid balance, prevent cramping, and sustain peak performance during demanding workouts.

  • ABE Ultimate Pre-Workout Sample Pack: Experience the ultimate pre-workout performance with the ABE Sample Pack. This pack provides a taste of ABE's potent blend of stimulants, focus enhancers, and performance boosters for unparalleled energy and intensity.

  • Xplosiv Ping Xtreme Pre-Workout Sample Pack: Ignite your workouts with the Xplosiv Ping Xtreme Sample Pack. Crafted with cutting-edge ingredients, this pack delivers explosive energy, heightened focus, and amplified endurance to push your limits and achieve unparalleled results.


Mutant Madness Combo is your ticket to dominating every workout and unlocking your full potential. Embrace the madness and unleash your inner mutant today!