Xplosiv Ping Pre-Workout 6 Pack Lime 250ml 08/22 Dated

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Are you ready to start PING-ING? PING is New Zealand’s hottest new pre-workout, crafted to be the ultimate solution to save you from workout mediocrity!


After powering tens of millions of Kiwi workouts for the past decade, we know which cutting edge ingredients deliver the best results, and which flavours deliver the ultimate taste experience. That’s why we’ve developed PING, which combines the best of everything we’ve learnt. This hard-hitting pre-workout is designed to give you:


FOCUS: Make your workout focus LASER SHARP. With nothing else on your mind while you’re training, getting those gains has never been easier and you’ll look as sharp as you feel.

ENDURANCE: Train HARDER for LONGER. You won’t even notice the time ticking by in the gym!

BOOST: Think you’ve experienced high level energy and mood before? Think again! PING delivers an experience like no other with its extended-release formula that keeps you feeling amazing long after other pre-workouts wear off.

PUMPS: PING delivers optimal blood flow to your muscles, so the muscle pumps you get are NEXT LEVEL.


Even better, the convenience of an RTD means you can take your PING to smash on-the-go.