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The Pre-Workout we've all been waiting for Victory Labs DOOM has been revealed, Featuring the unique Oxygold science which increases the uptake (Enhances) the other ingredients such as stimulants, this is sure to impress any pre-workout Junkie.

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Doom by Victory Labs - Ultra Concentrated Pre Workout!

Doom by Victory Labs is a next-level pre-workout formula which utilises a multi-stage energy blend to enhance your focus, pumps and motivation in the gym. Formulated to bypass the typical "pre workout crash",Doom by Victory Labs is an ultra-clean formula which contains creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, citric acid, agmatine sulphate, caffeine and AMPiberry to enhance stimulant effects!


Key Points: 

  • Laser focus
  • Incredible energy
  • Agmatine for pumps!
  • Increase explosive strength
  • AMPiberry to increase stimulant potency


Our thoughts:

Doom has been a long-anticipated release from the team at Victory Labs, and now that it's here, we can verify - it delivers! AMPiberry makes a welcome return and truly enhances the stimulant effect of this product, powering you through workouts while increasing your strength thanks to the addition of creatine monohydrate. Available in a range of flavours, Doom will set your workouts ablaze. Xplosiv Supplements Approved.

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