Ultimate Mass Gaining Stack

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Are you looking to build muscle fast? Try this stack. Unlock your strength and lean muscle with the Ultimate Mass Gaining Stack. This specially formulated stack provides you with everything you need to pack on extra pounds of pure muscle mass.

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Ultimate Mass Gaining Stack Includes:


1x Trip Nutrition Mass

Trip Nutrition MASS is an easy way to top up your daily calorie intake when you’re looking to build muscle fast. Made with grass-fed whey protein and natural ingredients to fuel your workouts and maximise your results.

1x Muscletech Nitro-Tech Whey

NitroTech is a scientifically engineered whey protein powder designed for anyone looking to build more muscle, improve their strength and enhance overall performance. NitroTech combines pure whey protein peptides and isolate to provide 30 grams of ultra-pure whey protein in every scoop. NitroTech is formulated with 6.8 grams of BCAAs along with a strength-enhancing 3 gram dose of creatine, which will help improve recovery following your workouts as well as helping maintain lean muscle tissue over time.

1x Muscletech Amino Build

Give muscle growth, repair, and recovery the fuel it needs with MuscleTech AminoBuild. This scientifically dosed lean muscle and performance enhancing formula is the foundation to any serious athlete’s stack. Blessed with a comprehensive profile of amino acids, MuscleTech AminoBuild contains no fillers and no sugar; delivering you maximum potency and getting you maximum results for the hard work you put in.

1x Muscletech Cell-tech Creactor

Experience the ultimate pump and mind-blowing strength, performance and recovery with Cell-Tech Creactor. Loaded with a clinically proven dose of ultra-pure creatine hydrochloride and free-acid creatine, you can expect to see real results in strength, size and performance when stacked with Mass Gaining Stack.


The Ultimate Mass Gaining Stack is a game-changing stack for anyone who wants to gain muscle and strength fast.