Trip Nutrition High Protein Mass Gainer 10lb + Creatine 60cap (Black Friday Combo)

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Trip Nutrition High Protein Mass Gainer 10lb + Creatine 60cap (Black Friday Combo)


Trip Nutrition brings you MASS – a mass gaining formula made with grass-fed whey protein to provide you with an easy way to top up your daily calorie intake when you’re looking to build muscle fast.


Packing on lean muscle can be a struggle, we get it! And, consuming enough calories from food sources alone to support muscle gain can be equally as challenging! Mass gainers help you to fill in those gaps to get the physique you’ve been after, and we’ve formulated one that we think is pretty great – Trip Nutrition MASS has a simple ingredient list, an affordable price, a hefty 50g of high-quality protein and 250g of carbohydrate, per serve, and no gluten, artificial colours or preservatives. Better yet, it’s made right here in New Zealand, because we think it’s better to keep things close to home.


To get the most out of Trip Nutrition MASS, we recommend splitting the full dose up and taking half in the morning and half after your workout. You can also take a half dose before bed if you’re looking to keep your muscle building fuel topped up overnight. To keep things interesting, combine MASS in a smoothie with added fruit, nut butters, or oats.


Choose Trip Nutrition MASS if you:

  • Want to gain lean muscle fast
  • Want an EASY way to tip your body into a positive caloric balance
  • Want an affordable, NZ made product
  • Want high quality, grass-fed whey protein in your gainer and a formula without gluten, artificial colours, or preservatives


Trip Nutrition – affordable protein that doesn’t skimp on quality!

Trip Nutrition Hydro-Crea 60caps 

Get the staples you need at an affordable price with Trip Nutrition’s essential supplement range. Hydro-Crea is a key part of your sports supplement routine for muscle building and performance.


Creatine has a long track record as one of the most well researched and effective sports nutrition supplements, for both enhancing performance during high intensity exercise and enhancing muscle building capacity.


Supplementing with creatine increases the body’s stores of phosphocreatine, a precursor to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the type of energy that your body uses to power short sharp muscle contractions and other anaerobic exercises. Higher levels of ATP therefore allow you to train harder, for longer, and as a result greater muscle growth is stimulated leading to an increase in muscular size and strength.


Hydro-Crea is made with Creatine HCL, which has additional benefits over the more traditional Creatine Monohydrate. These include:

  • Enhanced solubility and rate of absorption (broken down more quickly in the body and more able to be utilized by muscle cells)
  • No unwanted side effects such as water retention and bloating
  • Smaller daily dose required
  • No loading phase necessary


How much Creatine HCL do I need to take?

The ideal dose is 1 capsule (500mg) of Creatine HCL per 30 kg body weight on training days.

For improved recovery (optional) you can take 1 capsule (500mg) of Creatine HCL per 30kg body weight on rest days. 

*Please note that individual results may vary. 


Grab yours and experience the performance and muscle gains with Trip Nutrition Hydro-Crea for yourself!