Olimp ForTest 120 Capsules

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Haven’t felt in the best shape lately? Libido not as high as it used to be? Get back to feeling good with Olimp Fortest libido booster! Fortest is a multi-component supplement formulated to positively affect male libido, sexual function, and maintenance of normal blood testosterone levels.


Fortest contains natural plant extracts (including Maca root, fenugreek seeds, saffron, Chinese magnolia-vine), which have been enriched with zinc in the form of highly absorbable Albion aminoacid chelate and with vitamin B6. What distinguishes Olimp Fortest from other supplements of this type is the presence of new ingredients including Shilajit, lyophilized royal jelly, and saffron extract, which are fast gaining in popularity.



  • An innovative composition of high-quality ingredients
  • Designed for men over 35
  • Supports libido and sexual functions (Maca root extract, saffron)
  • Helps to maintain the proper testosterone level in the blood (zinc)
  • Helps the proper functioning of the nervous system, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and the regulation of hormonal activity (vitamin B6)