IN2 Performance - KRUSH Pre-Workout

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IN2 Performance - KRUSH Pre-Workout
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The time has come to KRUSH each and every single workout.

In a Pre Workout Market flooded with false promises and underdosed products, the Research and Development team at IN2 Performance have completely broken the mold to deliver KRUSH a Pre Workout that ticks all the boxes with a totally transparent label and ingredients proven to work in synergy.
Through a rigorous and meticulous trial period, the Development team was able to bring what can only be described as the perfect "all-around" Pre Workout utilizing the ingredients synergistically to produce Insane Energy, Razor Focus, Enormous Pumps, and ZERO CRASH.
Add to this Taste and Flavouring that can only be described as "Next Level" the 25 Super Dosed serves KRUSH just delivers on all fronts.

The Breakdown of Ingredients in the 13.5g serving is quite Incredible.

KRUSH's energy and stim matrix contain 6 proven Ingredients. 780mg of stimulants are delivered through Caffeine Anhydrous, Di-Caffeine Malate, English Walnut Extract, Theacrine, Hordenine, and Bitter Orange Extract which will have users dominating each and every workout.
While nootropic's Tyrosine and Alpha GPC in large doses will massively increase Focus and alleviate Crash Post Workout.

"The Pump" is guaranteed with KRUSH.
The 5.5g matrix is 4g of L-Citrulline combined with Agmatine Sulfate and Betaine Nitrate will have blood flow off the charts while training while Beta-Alanine in a clinical 3.2gram dose has also been added to buffer Lactic acid buildup due to training hard which is a certain on KRUSH helping you push through your workout even harder and stronger.

Lastly to increase the bio-availability of the compounds in KRUSH Bioperine has been added leaving no stone unturned in its potency and performance.

Time to "KRUSH IT"

IN2 Performance has so many exciting products on the horizon. Stay tuned and enjoy KRUSH.