C4 Pre-Workout 60 Serve Pineapple 5/31/2020 Dated

C4 Pre-Workoit 60 Serve Pineapple 5/3
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Cellucor C4, Hits like the first time, every time - Now with the latest innovation for energy, TeaCor™

Cellucor’s Fourth Generation C4 is the next level of innovation and refinement. Its formula is now more dialed in, more potent, and includes the breakthrough ingredient, TeaCor™, for improved energy that comes on quickly and lasts longer. C4 was the blast heard around the world when it launched in 2010. It’s helped gym junkies, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes everywhere rise to become their own versions of legendary.
- Explosive Energy
- Intense Focus
- Unbelievable Muscle Pumps
- Breakthrough ingredient - TeaCor™
- Award Winning Brand
- Unforgettable Flavors

The taste of C4 when you take a sip. The tingly sensation you feel as it travels through your body. The surge of motivation that hits you at the perfect moment-- right before you’re about to crush your workout… The only word to describe it is explosive. Everything you love about your favorite pre-workout lives on, and the next chapter of your most epic workouts has just begun. 

C4 Gen4 is powdered energy in a serve. Harnessing unparalleled NO3 technology and exclusive, premium ingredients such as Creatine Nitrate, NO3 is Nitrate, an a cutting edge ingredient that causes mind-numbing muscle pumps and dramatically increases the power of C4 G4. Cellucor is using a new compound - we’ve fused NO3 to create Creatine Nitrate. This leads to much better absorption, greater water solubility and a greatly decreased chance of the typical creatine side effects.

Take one serving (1 scoop) of Cellucor C4 Zero mixed with 4300mls of water 20 minutes before training. Once tolerance has been assessed and you are looking for an additional boost of energy, take one additional serving (1 scoop) with serving taken before training.
During your workout, it is recommended that your drink plenty of water or performance beverage. Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation, which is attributed to beta alanine.
Container: 60 Servings
One Serving: 1 Scoop (6.5g)
Servings Per Container: 60