Black Friday Protein Variety Combo 10lb

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Black Friday Protein Variety Combo 10lb


Trip Nutrition Whey Protein Powder 5lb

Trip Nutrition's FUEL is a cost-effective source of premium grass-fed whey, free from preservatives and artificial colours. Trip Nutrition's FUEL powers your body with the right level of protein to meet the demands of training.

FUEL your body with a formidable 21g of protein per serving to meet the demands of your training and chase your fitness goals. Rest assured that this delicious, nutritionally sound formulation delivers fantastic value for money with high-quality ingredients!

Trip Nutrition's FUEL is the ultimate mix of quality, convenience and value!

Pack Nutrition Level 1 Whey Protein Powder 5lb

At Pack Nutrition, great products start with great TASTE. Our philosophy: Go big (on taste) or go home. Gone are the days when you need to chug back an awful tasting shake for the sake of gains, that post-workout protein should be something you look forward to because hey, you earned it! For the ultimate in smooth, crave-worthy protein drinks, we’ve added creamy buttermilk and kept it simple with the classic flavours – chocolate, vanilla, and banana. Bottoms up!


Taste is not the only thing we’ve set out to revolutionize, because QUALITY and PRICE are also pretty important in our books. Pack Nutrition Whey is made with premium, NZ grass-fed whey protein, and packs a hefty 22g of protein per serve. Our formula is gluten free, free from added sugar, and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Pack Nutrition Whey has also been priced to be super affordable, because we know that consistency is key for muscle building and health and your protein habit shouldn’t have to break the bank!


To kickstart support for muscle growth and recovery and maximize the benefits from this fast-digesting formula, we recommend taking Pack Nutrition Whey within 30 minutes of exercise. It’s also perfect between meals to keep you feeling satisfied and your muscles fueled throughout the day. If you feel like mixing things up (literally), try adding it to your oats, smoothies, or baked goods.


Pack Nutrition Whey Protein ticks all the boxes. Tastes amazing. Quality supplement staple. Solid price point. Join the PACK!